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The Face of TLC Counselling and Clinical Supervision


Hello, my name is Katrina, I am a counsellor and a clincial Supervisor. From my own personal difficulties, I have sat in similar chairs to many of my clients. I found I was experiencing feelings of anxiety, nervousness and unsure if any one could possibly help me find my voice, to encourage me to make some changes in my life.

I`ll work with you at your own pace and this is YOUR time to take control back and invest TIME in your own wellbeing. I BELIEVE everyone deserves the time to grow in a safe environment, where your voice can truly be heard. I will be with you in those moments every step of the way.

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Below you’ll find answers to  commonly asked questions. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Counselling Sessions and what to expect:

Making the decision to start counselling and possibly realising that you may need a help takes a lot of courage and strength. Starting with a counsellor may seem daunting whether you have had any prior counselling or are completely new.   So, you may be wondering what to expect which is completely understandable and I hope that this helps put your mind at ease.

I offer both face to face sessions and online using the Zoom platform, my sessions last for 60 minutes and take place in my office if you are a face-to-face client. However, for my online clients I would recommend if possible, finding somewhere quiet, comfortable and where you feel safe enough to take part in our sessions as this is important.

So, we may already have had our initial session where we have made our introductions and you have decided to book a session with me. The first session can seem scary. Counselling is about trust, and I believe that moving with my clients at their pace creates a therapeutic relationship to ease feelings of perhaps anxiety. There is no rush, this is your time. I may ask questions; however, I want to empathise that you have autonomy, and I am here to listen not to judge.

I believe counselling does not just have to be talking as this can be difficult for some people but there are many other ways in which people can find their voice and express themselves. I have helped clients through art, music, writing, emotion stones and many other ways.

I will work with you at your own pace, allowing your voice to be heard however you decide to communicate. I will be here every step of the way.

Clinicial Supervision sessions and what to expect:

I work with indiviudal supervissee  based in the UK only face to face or online using the zoom platform and have a particular passion working with students and new qualified therapist.

During our first session, we will talk about the requirements and needs you have for supervision, your previous experiences as well as practical details and our understanding of how we might work together, to see if we are a suitable 'fit'.

In supervision we can work together e.g. on topics like:

  • how to grow your practice and finding your ‘niche’

  • adapting safely and ethically to various contexts (agencies, short-term work, businesses)

  • practical issues such as marketing, rooms, insurance, data protection

  • your feelings about money, charging fees, and making the transition from unpaid work

  • self-confidence and 'not feeling ready'

  • how to incorporate creative experiments into your existing approach

  • explore counter-transference and difficult feelings that arise in your work

  • identifying your strengths, vulnerabilities and growing edges

  • managing risk and boosting your self-support

  • developing your own style - incorporating new approaches or letting go of old ones

   I work with the 7 eyed model by Shohet and Hawkins for Supervision along side Integrated Development Model.

Fees for Counselling:

I offer a FREE initial face-to-face consultation of 30 mins, to give you some time to ask any questions you may have and to see if you feel if I am the right person for you to work with.

Face-to-face and online sessions are charged at £45.00 if attended weekly, £55 for fortnightly sessions, This can be discussed in the initial session.

Block bookings of 6 sessions £250 can also be booked.

I solemnly believe that money should not restrict anyone receiving mental health support, therefore I would kindly ask you to contact me and enquire around my sliding scale. Reduced rates for those on low incomes, individuals that work for the NHS and Counselling Students. However these slots are limited.

Payment is required  24 hours before your session.  Session can be paid by cash, or bank transfer. 


All cancellations are payable £15 if over 48 hours notice and if in in the 48hours time period the full fee remains payable (at counsellors discretion)

Fees for Clinical Supervison:

I offer a reduced rate intial session of an hour of £40 this enables to explore how I maybe able to work along side you to help support you grow your practice. 

Face to face and online sessions are charged at £55 per hour, I offer reduced rates for counselling students in training. 

Payment is required  24 hours before your supervison session.  Supervison can be paid by cash, or bank transfer. 

All cancellations are payable £25 if over 48 hours notice and if in in the 48hours time period the full fee remains payable (at supervisors discretion)


I offer face to face Counselling and Supervison in the SN2 postcode area of Swindon.

There is free parking at the rear of the property and limited spaces out the front, Later in the evening spaces at the front are available. Local bus routes are also close by. Walking distance from McArthur Glen designer outlet Swindon.

Areas I specialise in

My passion is working with areas of Self Harm, Abuse, PTSD, and areas that contribute to these for example Anxiety, Depression and relationships concerns.


Testimony From Counselling Clients

Thankyou for helping me to understand my PTSD and the differnt triggers, and how you helped me feel safe when I dissoociated in sessions with you, your patients and care really helped me to learn to trust myself again and my decisions (J) 

The thought of therapy petrified me. I thought I’d have to bear my heart, soul and everything id been through in the first session, and I wasn’t ready. But it wasn’t like that. Healing takes time and patience. Katrina really has given me the time, space, trust, patience and support I need to heal and has been with me every step of the way. Through every high and low she’s been there helping me. I’ve learned that laughter can be a great healer and where words fail creativity can speak volumes. It hasn’t been easy, but I haven’t had to do it alone and that’s all because of Katrina. I am beyond grateful thankyou Katrina. (M)

Starting my journey out as a student counsellor I was very nervous and did not know what to expect, there were times i wanted to give up but with the ongoing support and reasurance Katrina inspired me to keep going im now looking forward in starting my level 4 with her ongoing support (T)

Thank you Katrina for supporting me through a very differcult time in my life and being flexabile with time of sessions due to my work schedule this was really helpful. (Z)

Thank you Katrina for being patient and not giving up on me, your honesty and openess helped me so much, you believed in me when I felt no one else would, your sense of humour also helped me to learn to laugh again. Thank you.(R)

I can not describe what the feeling was when I had my first session with you, other then I felt safe, the first time ever in my life, that someone really truly understood me, you just seemed to know the right things to say and do, which made me feel like I could bring anything and share with you. I had a belief about counselling and that was it was going to be a waste of  time, and you were going to tell me what to do. I got that so wrong!!!! You really listened to me even through my many tears. Katrina thank you, you have given me a reason to finally want to live. (E)

I never thought counselling could help me manage my self harm, I had tried therapy many times but never seemed to get anywhere. It was not till I met Katrina, she helped me to understand more around my behaviours and more than anything emotions that were and had been trapped for over 30 years, I struggled to express in words at times what was going on for me, but working with Katrina creatively using rocks and emotion stones, things became so much clearer for me. After having counselling with Katrina I was able to take control and I'm pleased to say 6 months now I have not self harmed, and I have finally had the courage to wear a  t-shirt. Thank you Katrina, I will never forget your smile either it helped me feels so relaxed. (M)

Katrina has helped me so much. I have always had general anxiety since becoming a SEN parent and caring for my daughter. I thought I should get some help for myself. I am so pleased that I did. I’m the happiest I’ve been in years and wake up looking forward to the day rather than dreading it, I even decided to have another child! I tried CBT in the past with the NHS and I just didn’t have the time for the homework that they sent me every week due to caring for my daughter. Katrina is very natural and has so much experience that I always look forward to our sessions knowing that I am with a professional who is passionate about mental health. (H)

Testimony from Supervisees:

As my supervisor I just want to say thank you.

Having a supervisor that meets my needs has been so important to me. I have a couple of experiences where I struggled to get the right support and choosing you as my supervisor has has given that to me.

I need to be challenged, I needed the space to discuss my work and learn more.

So thank you for all that you do. (L)


Have a question I didn’t answer here? Please contact me and I’ll be happy to help.





This is some of the creative work done by my clients to help process their feelings and to express them selves. (Permission was given by clients)


07470811321 (please leave voicemail if unavailable)

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