The Face of TLC Counselling

Hello, my name is Katrina, from my own personal difficulties, I have sat in similar chairs to many of my clients. I found I was experiencing feelings of anxiety, nervousness and unsure if any counsellor could possibly help me find my voice, to encourage me to make some changes in my life.

I`ll work with you at your own pace and this is YOUR time to take control back and invest TIME in your own wellbeing. I BELIEVE everyone deserves the time to grow in a safe environment, where your voice can truly be heard. I will be with you in those moments every step of the way.



I'm hoping I covered everything you need to know about me, and my services.
Below you’ll find a collection of commonly asked questions. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



I offer face-to-face and online sessions via Zoom. Each session will last 60 mins, I have availability day and evenings times. I also offer flexibility with those on shift work.


I offer a FREE initial face-to-face consultation of 30 mins, to give you some time to feel if I am the right person for you to work with, this also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions.

Face-to-face and online (zoom) are charged at £40.00 per Session.

I solemnly believe that money should not restrict anyone receiving mental health support, therefore I would kindly ask you to contact me and enquire around my sliding scale for those on low incomes.

Payments are made at each counselling session by cash, or bank transfer. The fee remains payable unless 24 hours’ notice is given. (at counsellors discretion)


I offer face to face Counselling in the SN2 postcode area of Swindon.

There is free parking at the rear of the property and limited spaces out the front, Later in the evening spaces at the front are available. Local bus routes are also close by. Walking distance from McArthur Glen designer outlet Swindon.

Areas I specialise in

My passion is working with areas of Self Harm, Abuse, PTSD, and areas that contribute to these for example Anxiety, Depression and relationships concerns.
Self-harm is any behaviour that involves the deliberate causing of pain or injury to oneself without wanting to die. Self-harm can include behaviours such as cutting, burning or hitting oneself, binge-eating or starvation, or repeatedly putting oneself in dangerous situations. It can also involve abuse of drugs or alcohol, including overdosing on prescription medications. Self-harm is usually a response to distress, whether it be from mental illness, trauma, or psychological pain. Some people find that the physical pain of self-harm helps provide temporary relief from emotional pain.

One of the main predictors of suicide is a previous episode of self-harm. While it is common for people who self-harm to state that they have no intention of dying and that their self-harming behaviour is a coping strategy, the risk of accidental death is very real. People who self-harm repeatedly may find it becomes a compulsion that they cannot stop. This may lead to feelings of hopelessness and possible suicidal thoughts. Similarly, if self-injury does not relieve the tension or help control negative thoughts and feelings, the person may injure themselves more severely or may start to believe they can no longer control their pain and may consider suicide. In addition, some people who self-harm do also experience thoughts of suicide.

Testimony From Clients

Thank you Katrina for being patient and not giving up on me, your honesty and openess helped me so much, you believed in me when I felt no one else would, your sense of humour also helped me to learn to laugh again. Thank you.


I can not describe what the feeling was when I had my first session with you, other then I felt safe, the first time ever in my life, that someone really truly understood me, you just seemed to know the right things to say and do, which made me feel like I could bring anything and share with you. I had a belief about counselling and that was it was going to be a waste of  time, and you were going to tell me what to do. I got that so wrong!!!! You really listened to me even through my many tears. Katrina thank you, you have given me a reason to finally want to live.


I never thought counselling could help me manage my self harm, I had tried therapy many times but never seemed to get anywhere. It was not till I met Katrina, she helped me to understand more around my behaviours and more than anything emotions that were and had been trapped for over 30 years, I struggled to express in words at times what was going on for me, but working with Katrina creatively using rocks and emotion stones, things became so much clearer for me. After having counselling with Katrina I was able to take control and I'm pleased to say 6 months now I have not self harmed, and I have finally had the courage to wear a  t-shirt. Thank you Katrina, I will never forget your smile either it helped me feels so relaxed.



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